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Old Glory DC and Houston Sabercats: Exploring MLR Rugby Teams

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J P Myburgh

J P Myburgh

A rugby enthusiast, I bring you news and insights from the exciting world of rugby.


Major League Rugby (MLR) has quickly become a focal point for rugby enthusiasts across the United States. With several teams vying for glory, the competition is intense, and fans are eager to learn more about their favorite squads. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of two such teams: Old Glory DC and Houston Sabercats. By delving into their history, key players, and performance in the league, readers can gain a deeper understanding of these rugby titans and their contributions to the sport.

Old Glory DC: The Capital’s Rugby Pride

Established in 2018, Old Glory DC brought the excitement of professional rugby to the nation’s capital. The team’s name holds significant meaning, as “Old Glory” refers to the American flag, symbolizing the pride and passion the team brings to the field. As one of the newer teams in Major League Rugby, Old Glory DC has already made its mark, thanks in part to its talented roster and experienced coaching staff.

Among the key players to watch on Old Glory DC are flanker Mungo Mason, prop Jamie Dever, and scrum-half Danny Tusitala. Their skills and teamwork have contributed to the team’s success. The coaching staff, led by head coach Andrew Douglas, boasts a wealth of rugby experience, which plays a critical role in developing the team’s strategies and style of play.

Old Glory DC’s competitive history in MLR has been relatively short but eventful. They have participated in several memorable matches, showcasing their ability to compete against more established teams. Their achievements thus far have demonstrated the potential for continued growth and success in the league.

Aside from their on-field performance, Old Glory DC has also been active in the local rugby community. Through various initiatives and partnerships, they have created opportunities for fans and aspiring players to engage with the team and develop their passion for the sport. By attending matches, participating in events, and supporting the team through social media, fans can play a vital role in the continued success of Old Glory DC.

Houston Sabercats: The Lone Star State’s Rugby Warriors

Founded in 2017, the Houston Sabercats joined Major League Rugby with the goal of bringing top-tier rugby to Texas. The team’s name reflects their fierce competitive spirit, with “Sabercats” representing a prehistoric big cat known for its speed and agility. As one of the original MLR teams, the Houston Sabercats have become a significant presence in the league and the local rugby community.

Some key players to keep an eye on in the Houston Sabercats roster include fly-half Sam Windsor, lock Kyle Breytenbach, and flanker Luke Beauchamp. Their individual talents, combined with the guidance of the experienced coaching staff, have shaped the team’s development and success. The coaching staff, led by head coach Paul Healy, brings a wealth of rugby knowledge and expertise to the table, helping the team reach its full potential.

The Houston Sabercats’ journey in the league has seen its share of ups and downs. They have faced off against formidable opponents and have achieved significant milestones along the way. Their accomplishments both on and off the field have earned them a dedicated fan base and respect from their peers in MLR.

Community involvement has been a cornerstone of the Houston Sabercats’ identity. They have made a significant impact on rugby in Texas by hosting clinics, partnering with local clubs, and engaging with fans through various events. Fans can show their support by attending matches, following the team on social media, and participating in Sabercats-affiliated events, helping to grow the sport’s presence in the Lone Star State.

Comparing Old Glory DC and Houston Sabercats

While both Old Glory DC and Houston Sabercats are part of Major League Rugby, their history and formation differ significantly. Old Glory DC, established in 2018, is a newer team compared to the Houston Sabercats, which were founded in 2017 as one of the original MLR teams. Despite their relatively recent establishment, both teams have quickly made an impact in the league and their respective communities.

The playing styles and strategies of the two teams also exhibit contrasts. Each team has its unique approach to the game, influenced by their coaches’ backgrounds and the strengths of their players. This diversity in styles contributes to the excitement and unpredictability of their matches, as each side tries to outwit the other.

Head-to-head matchups and rivalries between Old Glory DC and Houston Sabercats have led to some thrilling encounters on the pitch. These matches often showcase the best of both teams, as they battle for supremacy in the league. As their rivalry continues to grow, so does the anticipation for future clashes between these two rugby powerhouses.

Looking ahead, both Old Glory DC and Houston Sabercats have promising futures in Major League Rugby. With strong foundations, dedicated coaching staff, and talented rosters, both teams are poised for continued growth and success. As they further establish themselves in the league, their fan bases will undoubtedly expand, further elevating the profile and popularity of MLR rugby.

Following MLR Rugby and Getting Involved

Keeping up with Old Glory DC, Houston Sabercats, and other MLR teams is easier than ever, thanks to various platforms and resources available to fans. By following their favorite teams on social media, checking league websites for updates, and tuning in to watch matches, fans can stay informed about the latest news and developments in the world of MLR rugby.

Attending matches and supporting local rugby communities is an essential aspect of engaging with MLR rugby. Not only does this foster a sense of camaraderie among fans, but it also helps the sport grow in popularity. By showing up to games, cheering on their favorite teams, and participating in community events, fans can make a tangible impact on the success of their local rugby clubs and the league as a whole.

Engaging with MLR rugby as a fan or player offers several benefits. For fans, following the league provides an exciting and immersive experience, allowing them to connect with like-minded individuals and support their favorite teams. For players, participating in MLR rugby offers opportunities for personal development, improved fitness, and the chance to compete at a high level. By embracing the world of MLR rugby, fans and players alike contribute to the sport’s growth and success, fostering a thriving community of rugby enthusiasts across the United States.

Rugby Passion: The Ultimate Reward

Exploring the world of Major League Rugby and delving into the rich histories and accomplishments of Old Glory DC and Houston Sabercats has been an exhilarating journey. The excitement and growth of MLR rugby have captured the hearts of fans and players alike, showcasing the sport’s immense potential in the United States. By following and supporting these teams and the league, rugby enthusiasts can experience the thrill of top-tier rugby and contribute to its continued success. So, ignite your passion and immerse yourself in the world of MLR rugby by visiting Attitude Rugby for more in-depth insights and articles on the sport we all love.

J P Myburgh

J P Myburgh

A rugby enthusiast, I bring you news and insights from the exciting world of rugby.

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